Continuous Endeavour to Unite Hopes and Aspirations

Endeavour United is an investment fund that has been established to provide companies with the client expertise and experience that Phoenix Capital has accumulated in a more forward-looking way.

We focus on maximizing mid to long-term corporate value of portfolio companies with the management team and other stakeholders by providing capital in a friendly manner to resolve management issues.

When we think of our portfolio companies' future, we feel it is most important to respect and value the "Hopes" and "Aspirations" (such as "What would we like the company to look like in the future?", "How would we like the company to grow?") that the management team, employees, owners and parent companies have for the company.

Since our group foundation in 2002, we have invested in more than 45 companies. We have placed efforts in understanding the "Hopes" and "Aspirations" of the management team and other stakeholders in a sincere manner and have resolved difficult issues together. We hope that the capital we provide will be utilized as a source for new and exciting challenges and contribute to the portfolio companies' growth.

Endeavour United will continue to strive to unite "Hopes" and "Aspirations" into one.