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Endeavour United has been established as a group company of Phoenix Capital. Phoenix Capital, founded in 2002 in the dawn of the private equity market, is a pioneer integrated investment fund in Japan.

Since our foundation, we have invested in more than 45 companies. We have placed efforts in understanding the "Hopes" and "Aspirations" of the management team and other stakeholders of portfolio companies in a sincere manner and have resolved difficult issues together.

Under the rapidly changing economic environment, many companies are seeking capital and funding to resolve management issues and pursue growth opportunities. In addition, there is an increased demand for business successions and corporate buy-outs due to business realignments.

As Japanese companies diversify and expand their business in the global market, there is more potential for business reform and sector consolidation in order to compete with global players.

Given the above, Phoenix Capital will also endeavor to the next step.

As a group company of Phoenix Capital, Endeavour United has been launched to provide companies with the client expertise and experience that Phoenix Capital has accumulated in a more forward-looking way.

Endeavour United succeeds Phoenix Capital's philosophy of "Investment Fund for Japan", and will continue to unite "Hopes" and "Aspirations".